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Diary Notes

                                               Wednesday 19th May 2021
                                               7.45pm:  May Progress Association meeting

                                               Saturday 10th July 2021
                                               5.30pm: Skate Night

       Membership                              Contact                              Meetings    Website:  All local residents are welcome
       Family Membership is just $10/year.     Email:  to attend the monthly meeting
       Your membership supports our            Tennis Court Bookings: 07 3203-3121  of the Association on the 3rd
       ability to advocate on behalf of the    Hall Bookings and all other Enquiries:   Wednesday of the month at the
       Community!                              Laurence Christie   07 3204 2020     Mango Hill Village Community
                                               or 0415 342007                       Centre at 7.30pm, Danzy
                                                                                    Buchanan Park, Chermside Rd,
                                                                                    Mango Hill.

       ANZAC Spirit Is Alive And
       Well In Mango Hill

       Held  before  the  April  Progress  Association
       meeting, It was a moving and very personal ANZAC
       commemoration at the Mango Hill Community Centre
       on the evening of 21st April as Bugler, Stewart Boston-
       Dart sounded the Last Post and the Reveille and some
       40 members of the Mango Hill community bowed their
       heads to remember the Spirit of the ANZAC’s after the
       laying of the Wreaths.

       We were delighted to have the company of the young
       Soldiers of 103 Army Cadet Unit led by Captain Jay
       Berends who formed a Catafalque formation around
       the Mango Hill Commemoration Stone, as  Louise
       Winton  sang  “Simpson the Hero” &  “Grandfathers
       Bugle” and Dave Norman sang the “Silent ANZAC”, the
       story of the Australian submarine which caused much
       havoc for Turkish shipping in the Mamara Straits off
       Gallipoli on the first day for the ANZAC landings on
       25th April 1915

       Trevor Ruthenberg, former RAAF Airman gave the
       ANZAC address and spoke on the commitment and
       bravery and the example set by the Australian and
       New Zealand soldiers  (ANZACs), backed up by their
       Nurses  and  Doctors  as  they  answered  the  call  to
       fight for their country.  Trevor recalled how it was the
       citizens of Brisbane who led the call for Australia to
       commemorate that first ANZAC Day Remembrance
       as early as 1916, just one year later and that this year,
       2021 is the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the
       Royal Australian Air Force.
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