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April Skate Night

       Attracts Families

       The latest Mango Hill Skate Night held on 24th
       April was a resounding success as some 80
       Mango Hill Kids engaged in a range of general
       skating around the Tennis Court along with a
       few Mums and Dads showing off their skating
       skills to their offspring.

       Our Frisbee Throwing contest was a highlight
       where attractive chocolate type prizes were laid
       out on the court to be claimed when the aim of
       the thrower was true, whilst the old favourites
       of musical chairs, Monte Carlo and “The Limbo”
       and Chicken Dance rounded out the night.

       It was a terrific roll-up from local and not so
       local family groups who devoured every one of
       the 140 available sausages, 80 freshly cooked
       pancakes (jam/cream) and countless drinks in
       between  several  on-court  games  coordinated
       by  Isaiah  Berris  and  sessions  of  musical
       entertainment from local Dj Jen Garth and

       Special thanks goes to our wonderful volunteers
       who make it happen.   (Pictured – Helen Wright,
       Expert BBQ specialist)

       In a fitting Tribute to the ANZAC spirit on the
       eve of ANZAC Day, a quite reflection was held
       as Cameron Cobb recited the Ode and Dave
       Norman’s “The “Silent ANZAC” (AE11 Submarine)
       rang out across the Community Centre.

       Even after 30 years, Mango Hill kids just Love
       Mango Hill Skate Night!

              Next Mango Hill Skate Night:
              Saturday 10th July  (5.00 pm)
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